Lady on aisle 5

You were pretty and blank but 8$.I saw a window of opportunity in you but still 8$.You loved the attention I was giving you but you were still 8$.I found you again in my shopping cart 8$ and still going strong.The cashier saw you but he knew you were taken.I made it quite clear.The bill takes longer than usual.I don’t like you Mr.Cashier.

….Eating squished pixie flavoured paan while watching a bonfire by the river side.

Totem 42

Album art for “The bicycle days”

You’ll find these guys here: http://www.myspace.com/thebicycledays

Asking a broken and vandalized Totem pole for directions isn’t recommendatory in many senses.Unless it has the number 42 on it of course.Yes this advice is widely accepted in many countries and parallel universes as long as it is evident there’s existence of people exterminating all borrowed notions of what rational thought should taste like.

Happy Wednesday

The man is Vice the women is Versa…not to long ago they found their way into my idea journal and gave some blank pages life and lovely company…it’s a love I’ve been tempted to write about for a while…

She had no idea how to invite these feelings into her mind.She kept conversing with every object in the room with her eyes and some incomprehensible murmuring.After letting various kinds of noise escape her lungs she said “I know,I will eat this Nutella until everything starts to make sense.” I watched. Upon reaching the translucent plastic bottom her eyes for the first time held mine.The tears.Before they ran a marathon along her red face I held on to her like I was waiting for this all my life.For once someone needs me.

I enjoy flat coke.I think the lack of bubbles is quite nice.It’s nice to have it tickle your mouth every now and then but all said and done I really like the times things go down smoothly.I saw this video of an experiment involving coke and mentos on Youtube…it had a million views i think…anyway they claimed it would be a cool trick to score points with people who think wasting 2 litres of coke and a bunch of mentos is cool.

Good day 2010

and they lived to see 2010…a full moon…fireworks…confused street dogs…random streaks of lighting across buildings we’ve never noticed till now…empty of alcohol…fuller of a different spirit…equally intoxicating…uncalled for whistling (louder now) and off beat dancing along the sidewalks(or maybe not)…it’s just evidence of actuality…proof of life…and this time…we don’t need our infinite appetite for dramas, distractions or problems to feel it…anticipations like these aren’t found in the expiring of last year’s calendar(it’s on your desk somewhere between that broken alarm clock and that suggestive looking elephant paperweight your aunt gave you.) or in the left over Christmas dinner going bad(you keep it in your fridge anyway)…you really arrive at these feelings when you look for change.But change is constant.”New years” is just another way of coming to terms with it.You’re at your usual crossing.You see a green man.You move forward and go home…in more ways than one.Smile…